Something cool everyday

So lately I’ve been catching up on my design fundamentals as well as diving deeper into Cinema 4d.  Following this rabbit hole, I find myself on the Grayscalegorilla website daily. Listening over the talking events of Nick Campbell and trialing of into others podcast, it has all be enlightening and helpful in reinvesting myself into the work place. My obsessive interest has gone from finding any minute of the night that i can get to myself to play Minecraft or starting up my PS3 to increasing my skill set.  This all has probably been accelerated by the newest responsibilities I’ve been handed to preform there at work. 

We have recently grown our small production “pod” to a medium 8 person, two teamed roster. Each of the new recruits has a different skill set then any other in the office. We all are there for video production, but that can cover a large spectrum of skills. film majors, production editors, graphic design, motion designer, blah blah blah..  I need to absorb anything and everything I can from my co-workers, and help them learn more as each project comes and goes. I look forward to it. I like to label it as Growth.

So taking stride from what I’ve been learning from the GsG podcast, lectures, tutorials etc. I am attempting to take on the one cool project a day challenge. so as the week go by I hope to see improvement, first taking what I’ve learned in tutorial and applying it to my own creation, not a model they showed how to build, or a line of text transformation that looks just like theirs.  

well I losing my train of thought as my attention is being drawn back into cinema 4d and photoshop to finish up today cool project.. I hope you enjoy my works and if you have any creative comments that can help me along my way, I thank you ahead of time for your time.

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